Cap 2 was amazing. But honestly, the thing that struck me the most in the movie, was how sad the winter soldier’s eyes sometimes looked.

A quick pencil sketch + photoshop.

5 April 2014, 18:13     with 3 notes        

A simple profile study drawn with SAI.

I finally have time to draw personal stuff again, as I’ve been busy making the pre-task assignments for TAMK. I will post those pictures, the portfolio and others later, when the applying time is over just to be sure.

15 February 2014, 21:09     with 1 notes        

Having a lot of Teen Wolf feels atm, I decided to paint Stiles. Also this was a nice excuse to make a face study.

1 February 2014, 3:52     with 1 notes        

A WIP pose study that I will probably never finish.

31 January 2014, 17:24     with 0 notes        

An old speedpaint that I retouched and recoloured a bit.

22 January 2014, 22:56     with 0 notes        

O.O whoah.

:’D thanks!

12 January 2014, 0:46     with 0 notes        

A speed paint and a scenery practice. Drawn with the help of a reference.

12 January 2014, 0:31     with 4 notes        

This is a bit late but anyways. I made this as a Christmas card for my bro (you better appreciate it). And fortunately I bought the Deadpool game while I was drawing this, cause there’s no better reference than the gameplay Wade.

3 January 2014, 23:44     with 82 notes        

I found drawing coal pens at home and decided to test them. So difficult at first since I hadn’t used them in ages.

I wanted to try drawing Thranduil after I had seen the movie a second time with my bros. And because Lee Pace is pretty it was nice to study his features, though I don’t know how well I managed to portray him.

I will post a better picture of this when I get back to my own apartment, I don’t have a scanner atm so this was taken with a camera.

28 December 2013, 23:45     with 6 notes        

Trying to get back to painting digitally. A speedpaint of my OC.

28 December 2013, 23:08     with 0 notes        

We were on this school excursion during the weekend - we were supposed to do our study plans but basically we just hung around and ate a lot.There was an awesome sunset on the evening, so I had to take a shot of it. Crappy quality because I only had my phone.

14 October 2013, 18:37     with 1 notes        

Trying out some of Yuumei’s cloud brushes on PS.

29 August 2013, 19:02     with 0 notes        

Scenery practise with SAI and PS.

28 August 2013, 22:05     with 0 notes        

I was scanning old sketches today and I found this. It’s my headcanon!Enjolras from Les Miserables, taken mostly from the brick. I drew this with ballpoint pen before summer so I cropped out most of the sketch cause I didn’t like it anymore, and colored the skin. I am still fond of the hair though, as I drew it using gold markers that were left over from Christmas.

2 August 2013, 23:03     with 9 notes        

I’ve been absent from this blog for ages, the reason being that my scanner broke before summer. Today I got a new one - it’s a beauty - so I’ve been scanning and coloring stuff all day.

Here’s my OC Daniil. The glowy effect is the result of listening to Welcome to Night Vale at the same time as I was coloring him.

2 August 2013, 21:46     with 0 notes